Why there are so many foods being wasted?

Why there are so many foods being wasted?

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There are several numbers of reasons why there are so many foods being wasted. From unconscious decision until the waste by choice. Reasons for food waste is various and came from a different angle. Here are some of the reasons why so many foods are wasted every day:


1. Waste by Choice

It involves the feeling of wanting to have a different kind of food at any time in our refrigerator without considering whether or not the food is needed. In other words, we might not necessarily want to waste food, but to fulfill our ‘unconscious need’, we waste the food we bought from the supermarket. Research shows that most of us will feel less guilty if we throw away food from the refrigerator after being kept for a few days or weeks. As of this reason, many foods from developed country is wasted from the house.


2. The size of our plate

What many people don’t notice is that the size of our plate, could to some extent, determine food waste. Since 1996, the size of a plate has increased by 36%. Unconsciously, this makes people serve more food, regardless of whether or not they need it. In consequences of that, many foods are being wasted from the plate as what is served is tend to be more than what is needed.


3. The myth of not buying the ‘only one item left’

Have you ever noticed that when there is only one item left in the supermarket section, for example, one banana left, people tend not to but it? The caused of it came from an unconscious belief that something is wrong with the food that is only left alone/one left. Therefore, the only item left in each section of the supermarket tends to be wasted instead of used.


4. Perfect shapes of the products

Related to the other point that was discussed earlier, some company would rather throw away the un-perfect shape of certain products instead of using it. This is due to consumer tendency not to buy products that have an un-normal shape. Hence, another food is wasted simply because the shape is not perfect.


5. Some people and/or company scared that they will get sued if they donate food

The myth is, some people and/or company scared that if they donate food that no longer for sale, they might get sued. When in fact, in the US, the people or company that give a donation in good faith is protected by the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act of 1996. However, many people unaware of it and tend to feel the fear of the myth of getting sued for giving food donation that is no longer for sale.



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