Save Landfill Costs & Fight Food Poverty With Your Surplus Food Waste




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Be part of a national scheme that allows us to redirect your surplus, safe and in-date food to community groups across the North East.


Product supplied by the food industry provides us with perfectly good food that we distribute to local projects supporting vulnerable people.

The food is used to supply lunch clubs, childrens’ breakfast clubs, food banks, community groups and homeless hostels across the region.

FareShare is a tried and tested solution: with over 15 years experience working with the food industry.


Some of our Regional suppliers






Tillery Valley Foods



Whitby Sea Foods

Just Cakes!



Tom Walkers & Sons



Tanfield Foods


Safe and Secure…


Food safety and traceability is top of our agenda.


  • We operate a national HACCP plan to ensure the highest food safety standards.

  • Full online and hard copy food traceability systems are in-place for peace-of-mind throughout the supply chain.

  • FareShare North East achieved a 2013 Gold Award following a NFS Food Safety Audit.


Everyone’s a Winner…


As well as helping to support thousands of people in-need every year, the benefits of signing-up to FareShare North East for your company include:


  • Helping you meet your waste target

  • Reduction of your carbon footprint

  • Reduction in waste disposal costs

  • Increased Corporate Responsibility by working with an organisation that has a major social and environmental impact

  • PR opportunities for raising your profile


About FareShare North East

We fight hunger and tackle food waste across the North East. We supply 738,192 meals to people in need every year.

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