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At FareShare we save good food from going to waste. Fresh, tasty and in-date food from some of the UK’s top food companies. We redistribute this surplus food to over 9,653 charities and community groups accross the UK. FareShare North East is the regional based of FareShare in the North East. We cover the work of FareShare across the North East. If your organisation uses food to support people, then you can sign up to receive food too!



You might be a homeless hostel, a community centre, a children’s breakfast club or an older people’s lunch club. Whatever the focus of your service, as long as you use food to make a difference in your community you can sign up.


The food we redistribute is varied and mostly nutritious too. It could be marvellous meat, dairy and fish, flavoursome fruit and veg or store cupboard staples. What’s more, it can save you money. FareShare food is worth on average £7,900 to each of our charity members*, leaving you with more to put back into your life-changing services.



What is surplus food and where does it come from?

The food we provide to charities is surplus from the food industry. Food can become surplus – which means that it is not going to be sold – for simple reasons such as over-production, labelling errors or short shelf life. It is good quality, in date and, if you ask us, pretty tasty. It could be from a grower, a manufacturer or a retailer. You can find information on the food companies we work with on our partners case studies page.



Would you like to receive food from us?


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About FareShare North East

We fight hunger and tackle food waste across the North East. We supply 738,192 meals to people in need every year.

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