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FareShare North East


What is FareShare North East? Is it different from FareShare UK?

FareShare North East is the North East central region of FareShare UK. In other words, FareShare North East covers the whole of the North East area in fulfilling the work of FareShare UK. If you live in the North East, you could participate with us!




I would like to Volunteer, where should I apply?

To apply for our volunteer role please fill out the online application down below, and one of the managers of FareShare North East will contact you!



Do I get paid for volunteering?

We do not pay for our volunteer. However, we offer travel expense up to £10 a day and we provide lunch or necessary meals from our food supply.


What type of role I could participate as a Volunteer?

There is various type of role you could undertake as our volunteer. This including, administrator, driver, drivers assistant, social media ambassador, warehouse and assistant. Find out more of the information here http://www.fareshare-northeast.org.uk/find-your-perfect-match/


Do I need to have a driving license to become a volunteer?

If you undertake the role of driver and/or driver assistant, you need to have a driving license.


I have never volunteered before and don’t have experience in the related field, can I still apply to volunteer at FareShare?

Yes, you can! Your experience does not matter as long as you’re passionate to work with us.




What should I do if I want to donate?

Please fill out our donation application form and one of our team will get in touch.


Giving Food


What type of food I could give to FareShare?

Types of Food we Can Accept

  • Meat, fish, eggs and dairy products
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Chilled food, such as ready meals or drinks
  • Frozen food, or chilled food that has been blast frozen
  • Ambient goods, such as pasta, tins, and cereals
  • Bakery

Types of Food we Cannot Accept

  • Alcohol
  • Food that has been warmed or prepared, such as buffet or event food
  • Food that has exceeded its use-by. Please note, we may be able to accept food if it has passed its best-before date, if the manufacturer can guarantee that the product will still be acceptable to the consumer and that texture and flavour have not been unacceptably compromised.


Getting Food


Can I receive food from FareShare?

Yes, you can! You might be a homeless hostel, a community centre, a children’s breakfast club or an older people’s lunch club. Whatever the focus of your service, as long as you use food to make a difference in your community you can sign up.


How can I sign up to FareShare?

You can register your interest in receiving food here http://www.fareshare-northeast.org.uk/register/


More Questions


I still have more questions that are not written above, who should I contact?

You can fill our contact form down below and one of our managers will contact you.


Otherwise, you could call 01914814130 or send email to fsnortheast@fareshare.org.uk


About FareShare North East

We fight hunger and tackle food waste across the North East. We supply 738,192 meals to people in need every year.

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